Spring is coming…

The last couple mornings I have heard the finches and other birds starting their spring songs.  My mother always called it “Spring Twitterpation” when I was a kid.  Never understood what that meant until I was much older.  Now when I hear the birds singing such happy songs it reminds me of her and makes me smile about the “twitterpation”.  This time of year makes me think of gardening, baby chicks and the Saturday mornings spent at the farmers market.  It also makes me want to start decluttering the house and do a major clean though I haven’t quite got that ambitious but the day is coming.  I remember when my mom would get that urge and the storm windows had to come down and screens cleaned and put up plus washing the outside & inside windows, then the spring cleaning of the house.  I don’t get quite that drastic but I do know I am going to purge my craft room and there will be a lot of things going out for the garage sale.  A girl has to make room for new! Enjoy the longer days of sunshine and the lovey tunes of our feathered friends.  

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