Sale-A-Bration is Ending

The last three weeks have been so busy for our house but I have found time to sneak into the craft room from time to time.  I always feel like I am behind in cards but I actually have my Easter Cards ready and have extra Thank You cards ready to send out as needed.  Now to catch up on some Birthday cards that I will need in the next few weeks.  This is a card that I made for a special friends birthday.  It uses the Blooming Basket stamp set and the Basket Weave embossing folder from the Sale-A-Bration catalog.  You can get the stamp set and a basket weave embossing folder free with a $100 purchase.  But you have to hurry it all ends on March 31st!


Bunny Treat Holder

Easter is fast approaching even if it feels like Old Man Winter is trying his best to hang on!  I made these for selling at local craft fairs.  I was on a cutting frenzy when I cut these out 3 years ago, making about 60 of these treat boxes.  I can say I only have about 20 left!  At the time it wasn’t retired but it is now which is sad for me as I like making these.  I do Santa’s, Elve’s, Elsa and now bunnies.  I think I will try Minions next!


Product List

Carrot Treat Holder


Cut card stock to 4 x 4

Cut 2 of the large regular heart out with the Big Shot.


Score both hearts on sides at 1/4 inches to make a tab.

Burnish the score marks


Put tear tape on the tabs. Put the hearts together like shown tabs together.


Punch the top about 1/4 inch down on two sides facing each other. Fill with treats and close with ribbon.

Product List

How did this happen?

    So today will be a stressful day for this mom.  My oldest goes for his drivers license.  I am not sure where the years have gone too.  I still see the chubby little boy who adored his mom and was constantly on the move.  If he passes (gulp) he will be on the move again but in a totally different fashion.  It is a day that comes with mixed emotions for me.  Yes he is growing into a delightful young man and obtaining his drivers license is a right of passage.  But in the same token this mom is loosing part of her baby (I don’t care that he towers over me and calls me shorty) he will always be my baby. 

    I think I dealt with him shaving better than this driving thing.  I remember back (cough 30+) years ago when I got my license and the freedom it gave me (at least I thought is was freedom).  My mom didn’t need a GPS she knew where I had been.  There were no cell phones or that she just knew and if you didn’t tell her the truth, god help you the salt shaker would slam down.  My brother had it much worse than me being 10 years older than me and dad being a patrol officer.  There was no escaping what was reported!  I am sure I am having the same anxiety as my mother did and countless other moms have had or will have.  But for the life of me wasn’t I just changing diapers….


    Wow 50 degrees in February in Wisconsin!  That means that winter is slowly loosing it’s grip on us (or one could hope).  About this time of year I get fed up with winter.  It can be so beautiful but there is an ugly side to it too.  Weather like this makes my chickens so much happier, the birds are singing and the cattle are getting spunky.  The increase in daylight ours and the warmer weather are definite plus! 

    I have been busy sewing quilts and coffee coozies, but have found time to sneak to my craft space to create some cards for this weekends card class.  The card at the top is one we will make on Saturday.  It uses the Epic Celebrations set.  We are celebrating the last month of Sale-a-Bration as well.  They have added more free items that you can get with a qualifying purchase of $50.  Did you know if you join Stampin’ Up! during Sale-a-Bration not only is it the best deal for getting supplies but you receive Free Shipping and 2 stamp sets of your choice!  That is all at the price of $99 you get $125 worth of product (your choice), free shipping and 2 additional stamp sets worth up to $101 dollars.  So really you are getting $226 value for just $99.  Who doesn’t love a good deal.  Have questions don’t hesitate to message me or email me at and I will be happy to answer your questions.  

Enjoy the warmer sunnier weather!

Spring is coming…

The last couple mornings I have heard the finches and other birds starting their spring songs.  My mother always called it “Spring Twitterpation” when I was a kid.  Never understood what that meant until I was much older.  Now when I hear the birds singing such happy songs it reminds me of her and makes me smile about the “twitterpation”.  This time of year makes me think of gardening, baby chicks and the Saturday mornings spent at the farmers market.  It also makes me want to start decluttering the house and do a major clean though I haven’t quite got that ambitious but the day is coming.  I remember when my mom would get that urge and the storm windows had to come down and screens cleaned and put up plus washing the outside & inside windows, then the spring cleaning of the house.  I don’t get quite that drastic but I do know I am going to purge my craft room and there will be a lot of things going out for the garage sale.  A girl has to make room for new! Enjoy the longer days of sunshine and the lovey tunes of our feathered friends.  


If you are like me you can spend hours looking at all the great ideas on Pinterest.  I get most of my inspiration from these posts.  I have lots of boards that you can look at to get your inspiration.  The Panda card was one inspiration I got.  I love how you can mask them and make them look like regular pandas.  I invite you to follow me on Pinterest at:   Let me know if you have any questions I would be more than happy to help guide you.