Never a Dull Moment

I would love to say my absence from my blog was due to increased crafting an summertime bliss, but that would be a lie.  I am sitting here writing this from my son’s hospital room at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison.  Along with writing this I am watching Med Flight take off and land.  I know for sure they have been in and out about 5 times this morning.  That means somewhere a family is in need of medical services and are as grateful for this service as I am.  I am also grateful for the Children’s Hospital and the great care my son has received.   Who would thought a puncture wound from a barn nail could cause so many issues 1.5 months later.  He is doing fine, loves the 5 star accommodations. A teenagers dream, room service, xbox at the bedside, cable tv, ability to sleep and really nice people waiting on you. Mom on the other hand is ready to go home, my back is anything but impressed with the cot they give us to sleep on.  It is better than the one I had when hubby had open heart surgery.  So as you can see it is never a dull moment at out house.  Pretty sure my husband thought I needed a sugar high by the size of the sour gummy worms he brought me.



Med flight landing.

The good news I want to share with you is Bonus Days are back!   For the month of August for every $50 on product you buy you get a $5 coupon to use in September.  You can use these coupons on any item in the annual or the new Holiday Catalog that goes live on Sept 4th!  I have had a sneak peak at the catalog and can’t wait to show it to you and all the wonderful products.

Well just got the news we are headed home today so need to pack up so we can boogie!  Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers you are so wonderful to me!