What a difference a week makes

The last few days have been delightful with warmer temps, daffodils blooming, birds singing.  A far cry from a week ago when we were trying to melt snow.  I love my daffodils they are so bright and cheery.  I am not sure if I will have tulips as they look a bit worse for wear from the late snow storms.  Of course with all the blooming and budding comes my dreaded allergies.  I am hoping they will be short lived.   

Last Sunday I stopped at the Dollar Store and was able to get candles and flame-less candles.  I had wanted to try stamping on them for a time but never seemed to find the right size candles.  Well I finally found what I was looking for.  WaterMark_2018-04-24-16-51-25  This is one of the flame-less candles that I did.  I found they are a bit more challenging to work with.  Here are the others I did and a box I made to go with a few of them.  I hope to sell them this weekend at the Fennimore Craft fair.  I think they will make great Mother’s Day or Graduation gifts.  I hope to get a tutorial done this week so you are able to have fun doing this technique as well!

New product!

Yesterday I decided to ignore the fact that Old Man Winter was showing his face again!  He is like the one relative you don’t want around and he keeps showing up.  I am grateful we only got 3.5 inches vs. the 8 they were predicting.  I am sure my daffodils will never bloom this spring, but today the sun is out and it is around 40 degrees out so most of the snow will be gone by Saturday when it is to be in the mid 60’s!  Now I pray it will be at least 7 months before we see “him” again.

I played with my blends and the new “stained glass vellum” paper that is coming out in the new catalog.  This paper is so easy to work with and the stamp set that goes along with it is just as great.  I think these make perfect sympathy cards.  

The best part is the blends color lifter picks up any color that comes out of the lines, giving you a very clean image.  

Just a reminder that the “Last Chance” items are selling out very quickly!  If there is something you want, I suggest you order it now or you may not get it.  You can go to my online store at:  All Wrapped Up with Ink

Have a great day everyone and Think Spring!  



Spring is coming…

The last couple mornings I have heard the finches and other birds starting their spring songs.  My mother always called it “Spring Twitterpation” when I was a kid.  Never understood what that meant until I was much older.  Now when I hear the birds singing such happy songs it reminds me of her and makes me smile about the “twitterpation”.  This time of year makes me think of gardening, baby chicks and the Saturday mornings spent at the farmers market.  It also makes me want to start decluttering the house and do a major clean though I haven’t quite got that ambitious but the day is coming.  I remember when my mom would get that urge and the storm windows had to come down and screens cleaned and put up plus washing the outside & inside windows, then the spring cleaning of the house.  I don’t get quite that drastic but I do know I am going to purge my craft room and there will be a lot of things going out for the garage sale.  A girl has to make room for new! Enjoy the longer days of sunshine and the lovey tunes of our feathered friends.